Soltice energies

As we approach the Summer Solstice we are experiencing a wide variety of energies. Sometimes minutes feel like hours and the days just feel a lot longer. (Of course they are.) Hours seem to pass very quickly and other times more slowly. Lots of life revue going and just an impending feeling of big changes ahead.

As mother Earth continues her journey to cleanse and balance herself, so do we feel that same energy. Time to clean up our acts and quit trying to shut out what makes us uncomfortable.

Yes we are so programmed in this life to put our feelings and memories on the back burner due to work, family and other engagements we find more important.

I was wondering the other day why my energies have become so blessed and balanced compared to the world’s current energy. I realized that there is so much work to be done on in inner level that most people feel there is no real reason to do it. It is hard, complicated and time consuming, who wants to take that time out of their daily dysfunctional lives to truly heal themselves?

Believe me there is much to do! Starting with your inner self, past lives, this life and even future lives, where are you going when you leave this body.

Do you truly not see the layers of crap that must be worked through and removed to set you free to become a secure and balanced individual? Or are you so blinded by the modern toys and gadgets of life , thinking these give you self importance? what about the future of your children and the planet? Is this too hard to think about?

Generations have passed since I came into this lifetime and I can say firsthand that becoming a free spirit is worth all the time and effort put in.

I have watched and seen to  much destruction and devastation to not want to change.

Be blessed and get to work.

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