Energetic Frequencies

The energies fluctuate daily and often many times during the day. The more sensitively aware you are the more impact they have. wondering why you feel one way and then another, we sometimes think we are the only ones sensing these fluctuations. Everyone is experiencing them but few recognize it to be thus.

I meet people all of the time who think they have medical problems simply because they feel these fluctuations and can find no other cause. Of course we all run to the medicine cabinet to find some relief or perhaps even the Dr.’s office.

If you go to the doctor enough they will find a diagnosis for whatever it is but they do not take the vibrations and fluctuations into consideration. Often a doctor will find nothing to be medically wrong. I have experienced this first hand continually with an MD and realized that what I am experiencing has no medical diagnosis. They often even tell me I am dying from some weird thing nobody ever heard of.

Fortunately I know my body pretty well and also know that I must have balance in my Mind, Body and Soul, to overcome doctors diagnosing. now I know that there are medical things we all have to deal with, but if we don’t do the emotional and mental cleansing necessary, it matters not what we believe.

Speak with your body and identify any  of the places you feel are misaligned, then decide what care to give yourself. Believe it or not most people can correct what’s wrong by changing diet, exercise and proper thinking.

Meditate as well and spend time relaxing and laughing.

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