Soul Reality

Within the soul dwell darkness and light, ignorance and enlightenment, pain and joy. The ignorant or dark part of the soul has no awareness of the unconditional life that awaits. It has no remembrance of unconditional love. Everything within the dark part of the soul feeds itself from the conditional being. Beliefs that are anchored in the dark part of the soul have been handed down from generation to generation and accepted as truth. These beliefs are powerful and are rooted in ignorance. People who live by and teach such beliefs have allowed the veil between the dark and light of the soul to become a wall, a barrier that separates them from their spiritual awareness of self. People dwelling in this darkness have accepted despair, hatred, pain, and ignorance to be their life. They have created a reality for themselves that is a living hell and they continually share and teach this reality to others. On the wheel of karma, one experiences what one believes until a new reality is created. Hence, one can experience many lifetimes within this reality, before awakening to the light within their soul.

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