faith and trust

Of course the initial step to conscious awareness is faith and trust. These are also the greatest obstacles we face as a collective whole.

If all would simply have faith in the fact that they are eternal and trust in unconditional love to guide them; the collective soul could be healed in an instant. Think about that—-in an instant.

So in a way that could be called a shortcut but who will realize and use it this lifetime?

I remember when I was trying to learn to meditate thinking “it was just too hard”. Through my determination and perseverance I finally discovered how. It took me a few years, but I finally learned how to move beyond the rational into the conceptual. You see greater understanding takes conceptual thinking and awareness; also known as “ getting out of one’s own way”.

Spiritual awakening and expansion takes guts. It becomes your whole life and existence. I recently went to u tube and found an enormous amount of information on this subject. Also what to expect as you develop. It is not easy to go through some of the changes necessary but it is definitely worth it if you seek understanding and fulfillment this incarnation.

I know for some of you, you will say you already know all this; I hope someday you will realize it’s magnificence. For knowing and becoming the Divine is the answer to why we are here.

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