Ever wonder what happens to all the animals during these fires and flooding? Here in Colorado after the fires are out we now have flooding; while fires rage all over the place in the west and deep flooding occurs in the East it will force so many people to rethink their lives while starting over. In wars it is the same and so many displaced people are just hanging out hoping to find shelter and food.

Some say it is god who is doing this but indeed it is mankind. The lack of compassion and understanding in the world amazes me. People are filled with fear and hate; a sense of hopelessness and helplessness to create any kind of safety and goodness in life, yet when others are in safety they fail to recognize the massive devastation and destruction going on all around them. The creed of sorry we have and you don’t keeps so much in check for those afraid of loss and devastation that everyone and everything is in a kind of paralyzation just trying to keep heads above water.

I do my prayers and invocations daily and have for over 30 years. I meditate daily and understand it takes many on the same page to bring about needed changes. As long as hostility rules the world of men we will never find harmony nor peace.

I am saddened by the state of affairs the world is in and I fear for my grandchildren growing up in such a hostile environment. I hurt for mother earth and her nature of plants and animals. I try to be happy but find that the sadness pervades the peoples and animals of this planet. Please pray to the God, Goddess, All that Is, for the wisdom and strength necessary to produce love and compassion.

“I call to the power of Light and Goodness to enfold this planet and her families in safety and abundance. I pray for the consciousness of mankind to shift to understanding and diplomacy. I surround myself and all of mankind with the loving light of the Divine today and everyday.”

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