Energies Amass

As the energies amass during this most intense time of radical change we find ourselves hard pressed to stay grounded. Grounding used to be much easier as we just connected with earth energy and her stability; now that is no longer true. The earth herself is making major shifts and the poles are also shifting, this is turn causes us disruption and sometimes dismay.
Yes Global warming does indeed exist and we see it wreaking havoc upon the planet as we speak. It is too late to turn Global warming around as we have already come too far with the new earth energy and now must adapt to her shifts and turns.
Yes there are many good people and organizations working to save the oceans and forests and plant life that sustain human life, but still we are falling short. New generations are being born into a world filled with disdain, hate and ugliness. We must become a world society we are are to survive in any manner that is kind and good.
I still believe that meditation and yoga as well as self-restoration and change can help us immensely in saving the world. There are many groups who pray and meditate daily as a means of self-sustainability and Earth healing. Just as we do the earth has a soul and that soul cries out for healing. We must recognize how we are a part of the destructive and healing process. We cannot be too busy to do so nor too distracted to participate.
Go to my self-help page and do some exercises please.

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