Politically frustrated

I am currently quite frustrated with the Governmental system in the country, the USA.

I am sure I never cared for politics much anyway, but I always assumed a President would be somewhat Presidential and I also thought that no matter the GOP or Democrat that there would be some truth, dignity and etiquette involved.

I do not know why we need such a large Government but I also thought they would have some power to oversee one another and make sure that most things would be for the good of Our Country and its peoples.

As a civilian and simply a citizen trying to get by and survive this lifetime I fear now for the generations coming behind me.

I will say this, if things don’t turn around soon and we quit starting more wars, climate change will take over. It is time to get priorities in order and quit playing global games and wars that will be our undoing.

I hope there are many others that share my view and that we waste no time in waiting for this truth to take effect.

I pray and meditate everyday as I am sure many others do, I only hope we can acquire the leadership necessary to save our planet.



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