Being Alive

I wish to share how excited I am to be alive.

I remember when I was just observing my life,( for many years) rather than living it; life was very sad and bland during those years. How I was I to know I was simply out of body watching time go by?

Many times we become the observer of life at a young age and do not realize we basically have gotten out of body and into the observer self. Any amount of various traumas and misunderstandings can cause this to happen. Sometimes we come in this way depending on our past life experiences. All the same living life in the real body we are born with helps you realize happiness, freedom and joy.

To know if you are experiencing the true feeling of being alive, rather than observing what you see; ask yourself this question. Is life like a movie I am watching or am I really participating in what is going on?

Life can be pretty tough and chaotic; often it is easier to be the observer rather than the participant. I know this to be true, especially during war times, homeless times, fear of hunger times and loss of life Etc. This world can be an unsavory place to feel safe and protected, but when you face the reality of who you are things get less hard in a way I cannot explain, other than to say understanding helps bring peace.

It seems that everything in life comes with a price and sometimes this is true. When really integrated within your body you will discover the peace of mind and inner being well worth the trials.

Spirit Guides are not here to save you from yourselves but instead help you discover the whole of what and who you are.

Be blessed my friends and find peace, it is worth the cost.

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