Moving Ahead

I find it hard to be a holier than thou person and I am a realist in so many ways.
The realities and dimensions I dwell within have shown me that positive thinking is only one tool in our awareness and spiritual development.
In order to create change and reach higher to understand our soul and spirit path there are many serious tools we need to learn about and discover in order to develop.
Our conditioning is strong and we are always working to overcome and surpass them.
Trust and love are not easy to get to know and live within; they take great work and effort., which is a lifelong quest.
I have been and continue to ready myself for where I will be going when I leave this current life, this only makes sense to me.
The illusion of life that surrounds us continues the battles of doubt and struggle endlessly and to move to a variety of new realities takes work and lots of effort and time.
This is what most people choose to ignore refuse to learn.
You can only become if you grow, else you will continually repeat the past.

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