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This is somewhat hard for me as I have avoided posting too much about my political views in awhile. Now after watching Democracy Now on PBS for the past many months I must speak out.
There is a great amount of civil discord currently taking place around the world. Much of which is causing peoples to leave their own countries for a better life and hopefully some opportunity.
Many, many, people are without homes , food and medicine, living their lives in fear of survival every day.
Venezuelans are having civil discord daily and have been for many years. They neither want nor need the USA to interfere in their process.
Earth, Air, Fire and Water are in discord, causing great climate disasters along with no balance to ground within.
The USA is interfering in countries lives and values without conscience, this too has been happening for many years.
We stay in our cocoon and hope for the best without backing an keep on hoping for the individuals  with all the power and money to acknowledge equality in all peoples.
We stay in our cocoon and hope for the best without backing and fearing life tomorrow.

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