There are many forces currently working to sublimate and control the thinking of humankind. We have been and are fed lies and deceit as reality for so long it seems to be reality. I feel that we are in great danger of losing the battle to control our own thinking and perception. Without meditation I feel we can get easily lost and persuaded to believe the lies we are being told.

If we are looking to governments to help us out we might as well be praying to the underworld as it seems that power and greed will always lead the way. As the students of life and light that we are we must find our own way to enlightenment and some semblance of inner peace to survive in any type of comfort.

I believe we are currently at war with hidden forces whose agenda it is to keep people in place by keeping them struggling to survive. This is a stratosphere we need to break out of and the only means I know of is meditation. If you do not try you will not learn, and if you do not learn the struggle will just go on.

I know all the excuses for having no time to meditate, or I’ve tried and can’t get there, or I have a family and they won’t let me. You can learn to meditate in your bathroom if need be. Study and learn about meditation it can literally save your life.

Buy my book “Getting to the Heart, A journey of Soul Transformation and Spiritual enlightenment” If you need help. You can also contact me for advice.

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