Energy Activation

It is time for everyone to realize that they are energy and understand how that relates. Producing energy is what we do as lightworkers, we produce the light. Light is energy and we are to be that same energy. Understanding the energy that you are, creates your every reality. All realties are created from energy. There is thought energy, feeling energy, cosmic energy, sexual energy, spiritual energy, plant energy, mineral energy, and so on. The Aura we emit, is the energy field that surrounds our body. It contains all of our light bodies. If we do not understand, use and care for these energy bodies they deteriorate. These energy bodies are our life giving forces while we are in the physical vehicle known as our body. Our body is simply an overcoat dressing we wear to house the spirit self.

Too often, we relate to the outside world as our reality. Doing so only puts stress upon the body. Yes the bills have to paid, but if you are not living to enjoy paying them, then you are damaging yourself.

All things in life come secondary to the inner-self, the authentic-self, the true-self. When you have become the energy of light that you are you will understand this to be true.

Here is a light body activation you can use. State: I now choose my spirit essence to activate all of my inner grid lines to my spirit and soul purpose. I activate my cellular level being to my spirit energies and activate my DNA matrix to ascension energy. I open to the Indigo Light of my third eye and connect my synaptic nerve endings in my inner crown to receive and assimilate the new spiritual frequencies I am receiving. I surrender to my soul and spirit path now and forever. Do 3 AUM’s

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