July 6, 2019

With the Eclipses also come major earth changes, such as the California Earthquakes. I didn’t mention this before as we have experienced so much weather damage already this year and last that to some it just seems more of the same.
Many people have been displaced from their homes due to flooding and hurricanes the past few years that more Earth disruption is never good news. Global warming is not only real but we are in it to a very great degree currently.
Eclipses also bring many emotions to the surface for seemingly no real reason at all. You may be weepy and sad at unusual times. Staying close to safety is important as the weather can drastically change from moment to moment in some places.

Feelings being so close to the surface you must take care what you say as little can start an argument right now. Feeling alone and lost will also come into play so beware that is more a symptom than actualization. You may need more me time than usual so try to make the time to relax and get away for short trips.

Spirit is reassessing what roles they will and can play with upcoming changes, so honor and acknowledge them daily. Use your prayers and invocations as well as rituals and meditations to keep them close.

The Divine needs our light to work here with us, they must be acknowledged to do so.

Currently working with the planet are Archangel, Michael, Raphael, St. Germain, Lord Sananda and Lord Ashtar.
The Arcturians are closely related to us as are our soul families and essence. This is simply to name a few. Jophiel the angel has been showing up quite a bit as well as others. I will put out a channeling soon.

Be kind to yourselves and one another as this is a rough time for many. Many blessings, Athene

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