July Solar Eclipse

Today Is the Solar Eclipse in Cancer. Two weeks from now the Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn.
The Eclipses bring a time of revue and can often be emotional for little or no reason. Lots of vacillation and the “what if’s” can come up regularly and we may be forced to re-live things from the past that we thought were totally behind us. Take heart this is simply revue and need not take up all of your energy.
Cancer is the sign of Mother so this can also bring up more feelings around mother than usual. Remembering our mothers and all the mothers in the world is a good thing. Of course the divine mother, the Mother of us all has and is playing a most important role at this time. Women are on the move in ways that are bringing about the greatest changes currently on the planet.
Sadness can sometimes be a reaction to the past but we must remember the past is how we move forward in the future. Emotions are meant to be stairways leading us higher and higher in our understanding of life and self. Healing the Heart and its past pain can be prominent now, so do the self and other forgiveness necessary to move ahead.
Do not try to hide from yourself during this month as you will be the greatest quest to experience currently. Wait till august to make of change plans if possible; plans already made should be followed through.
Continue to be loving and kind to yourself as you will be in the foreground right now.
Blessings and Goodness to all!

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