Challenging Times

These times are very challenging on many levels. As we watch the trash pile up on the beaches and in the oceans we realize how sad and disgusting things have actually become.
I used to travel down to the bottom or the Oceans in my early visualizations. What I found was astonishing to me. There were pyramids, volcanoes, caves galore and I met my father Poseidon and many of my Mer family. This was back in 1986 and 1987; the magic and mystery of it all was eye opening and educational like nothing else I could have imagined.
In 1999 as I went to visit the Ocean floors there was great chaos being perpetrated by human beings and my Mer family was forced to leave their home and go into the caves of inner-dimensional worlds. It was no longer safe for them here in the 3 D. they showed me how to get to the new dimensional places they were moving into and told me to be careful when traveling the Ocean floors from then on.
In 1999 I also saw the Parallel universe merge with the current one and have since seen so many different worlds interplay with one another. Not all the interplay was to be positive and I was shown that there would be great chaos in the future. Here since 2005 through 2019 I have watched so much anger and hostility surrounding ourselves and the planet that it hurts my heart.
Many star brothers and sisters came through the many star gates during those years that we are currently in a war of sorts for our own souls. The saddest thing that I have found is the ignorance of soul and spirit in everyday living. Survival has taken precedence in ways that secure the fact that people must exist in what they see around themselves as existence, thereby deafening themselves to the afterlife and eternal essence.
This is great time of awakening yet we have allowed monetary sustenance to break our spirit and keep us in fear. So long as we allow ourselves to be held by the bounds of fear we will not accelerate and grow.
I am a pacifist yet I will fight to keep life alive. Remember you are multi-faceted and have much more power than you realize. Just because you cannot see, touch, feel or hear things with your outer senses does not mean they do not exist.
Demand of your soul and spirit daily that they be there with you and assist you in your many awareness’s.
You Are Earth, Air, Fire and Water, stay connected.

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  1. Deborah

    Very powerful and insightful vision you have given us. I have been wondering why I have been in flight mode lately. Please keep doing what you can to keep us informed as I find your visions very informative.🙏


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