July 31, 2019 Eclipse

Well I missed this next lunar eclipse coming up on the 31st. I think I was hoping we made it through the Month but not quite yet. Many of us are still feeling dizzy and out of sorts, wishing the universal energies would calm down. What a ride July has been.

Feeling more tired than usual and sort of out of body? Yep lots of that going on. Meditated yesterday and spoke with Archangel Raphael. He helped me realize how blessed I am and also that I want to teach more and more people to find and work with their guides. It has been such a help and blessing in mine.

I feel strongly that we are bringing in the Divine Mother energy right now. She is ready to intervene and assist us personally for the upcoming future. This is an amazing honor and such a special gift for us all.

It is a time for women to move this planet into a better and more solvent place. Out with the old men and in with younger and female blood. This world needs more compassion brought about by those who have always nurtured and cared for others. It is time for more goodness and kindness to engage with the ugly realities we have been experiencing.

Time for the Divine Mothers love!

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