Healing Life

Healing your life is a continual experience. Though we wish to believe there will come a time when the healing is complete yet something else up shows up. Healing is done in degrees and levels, this is due to the fact that we are multi-faceted and forever changing. I’ve heard that the only constant in the Universe is change and I know I am a changeling.
Because we grow and get older so do our problems and their impact upon us. Forgiveness is still the greatest tool we have in our toolbox to keep up, yet getting older sometimes makes people more stubborn and set in their ways. We really have to check ourselves to make sure we are not caught in a rut while pretending things don’t matter to us.

I remember when I was questing so hard to find answers to the mysteries of the Universe. Being an avid reader I devoured books like others do food, I came to realize learning and information was my food. I began to eat differently, sleep differently, insisted on changing my obsessions and judgements and seeing myself through different eyes.
Something I found really important at the time was to look for doorways and openings into the unknown and always searching for the keys to open those doorways and portals of enlightenment. I would find a pearl of wisdom here and there as I went along.

Meditation was the greatest key of all as well as learning how I was my own saboteur.
We have many eyes to open within us and learning about the inner being is key; sensing and interpretation help us understand and realize who and what we are as a universe unto ourselves.

Our whole life should be about learning and preparing for the afterlife because indeed we will be going there at some point.

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  1. Layla

    You are right Athene. I think trumps role here at this time is to open up the corruption into the light, to begin to expose the evil powers that be. That said. He’s done more than his share in his job and it’s time for us to vote him out. He will not resign like Nixon did, he will gnash his teeth and fight to the death.


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