Divine Mother

Great Divine Mother Energy of light, we welcome you into our world of chaos in hopes of a righting all that has been dismissed. It is time to reassemble the ancient teachings of light and open new doorways that will keep us alight.

Mighty Mother of us all bring your legions of light, help us balance this planet and bring men’s minds to peace and all that’s right. Shift this displaced anger and hatred now having its way. Bring back harmony and love as the truth and the way. Teach us the proper way to think once again and help us remember the proper way to pray.

The course of men’s minds must be brought back this day to the kindness and understanding that allows us to care. Bring compassion and awareness into alignment this day, force back all dysfunctional thoughts all the way.

Radiant lady of light help us break the bonds of the outer world and mind that have held sway, share with us your radiance and love all the way.
Lords Michael, Raphael, Gabriel and Uriel assist us this day, to bring in the great radiance of love every day. Radiant mother of light we welcome your essence and lights of your ray.

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