Higher Self

There is but one miracle in life, and you are that miracle. Everything you experience see touch feel smell and hear is a part of that miracle. When you understand how you are the miracle in life you will begin to understand how all other life is also a miracle.

Too often we try and see what is on the outside of self, rather than what is on the inside of self. We battle with what is on the inside trying to determine who and what we are. If for one second all that is on the inside would be together and get along, so it would be with the outside.

There are many journeys within each lifetime that we travel. Many lives that we live at once. To merge all that we contain into one second is all we need to accomplish to understand how all is one.

Hold yourself to the highest and most blessed effort possible to find yourself. Search for what is genuine within you and allow all else to gravitate to such.

You are the beauty and light of life. If you do not see the beauty and light that you are how can you shine it upon anyone else?

If you do not live your life now in the present, when will you live it? So long as your life is scheduled around the future and the past, the money and the survival, you will not be present.

What will you look back upon as your accomplishment when this lifetime ends, if not living life to the fullest? So many reasons, so many excuses, for not living the dream, too few choose the forward momentum. Fear is the only true motivation for stress. Seeing, understanding and integrating our fears, allows us to move freely in life.

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