Feeling Lost

The urge to do something new and different contains me today. I miss so many places that I have lived before. I miss Long Island the kinds of people I would meet there and in NYC; such a wide variety of talented and interesting souls.

Everyone was so diverse and vibrant and no matter who they were they had interesting stories and places they were from and going. Even people you would meet in a grocery store were opinionated and themselves and truly living their lives. None of this fear I feel from everyone now.; just living their lives and complaining or happy about it but not afraid to share.

I sometimes feel so alone and constricted by this town and the mentality of people I see here. Even though this is a college town and military surrounded, I find it hard to meet and make friends. I love being social and enjoying the company of others, yet everyone is always so busy in their lives they really don’t have time to look deeper into what friendship means.

I’ve never believed in aging as getting old and boring, I am a changeling and a traveler. If I can’t travel geographically I travel astrally, but to be stuck not going and doing is not my way.  

Though I get sad I never feel sorry for myself as that is a waste of time I cannot endure. Life is for living and I will always love life.

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  1. Layla Remmert

    I totally know where you are coming from with this post. I have lived her seven years almost now and the energy in Colorado Springs is weird; insulated; very non-community based in a lot of ways. There is goodness too, but it seems that we need to shake it up some. The military community here actually is insulated in itself… which doesnt help. Sending communal love to you from the 80909 and 80917 xo


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