I truly don’t know how we did it but we managed to buy a house and move in during this Covid 19 virus.

With so many new people moving to Colorado Springs, my husband and I decided we better buy a house now that we could afford, rather than later; as the housing market is growing by leaps and bounds right now.

The current planetary influences are stranger than I ever remember them being, though we are currently in the middle of a Lunar, June 5 and Solar Eclipse, June 21, and another Lunar July 5, emotions are running high, yes we see this in all the protests surfacing

I do believe the world is having a very important uprising at this time. It almost looks like a civil war across the globe. People are angry and struggling to pay bills as this Covid 19 has taken the wind from below their sails.

Life feels as if it is tricky and overwhelming as the world goes through a much needed change and overhaul. Countries need to care about immigrants and helping them relocate as well as the homeless living in the street. Let’s pray for these protests to bring about positive change.

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