All levels of awareness and consciousness are bound by certain rules. We have 7 planes of awareness contained within our own aura known as the Chakra Centers; Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third eye and Crown chakras. Each of these chakra Centers has a vast array of information that we can discover to utilize our own soul Awareness.

We are in a time on this planet when we cannot ignore or dismiss the importance of our soul awareness. To do so will only bring more sadness and unhappiness to the consciousness of mankind. Loneliness is already a killer affecting more and more people, are we truly so afraid of others judgements that we cannot find common ground and ways of connecting?

Yes we have various levels of perception, thereby making it difficult to find common ground, yet love must transcend even in the most-dire of times. Acceptance and allowing helps change the atmosphere and care for Mother Earth.

Yes we must love and be kind to ourselves but not of expense of alienating all others around us. To share what we know with another is a gift and to reciprocate as well. All that truly divides us are our fears, our differences should make us stronger not weaker.

I call to the divine mother and father god to emanate all the blessings and love to the many migrants, through no fault of their own; are stuck in a state of limbo and need help to restore themselves in the very essence of truth and love.

Please show us how to help this most wrong situation to bring safety and kindness; I ask now for the leaders of each country to check the compassion and love that dwells within.




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