Hey everyone I thought I better mention something about vibration.

I’ve heard a number of people express that they don’t understand why they cannot create or manifest what they’re trying to do. I realized today that we are all about vibration. When we don’t learn or know how to raise or change our vibrations we will not succeed with the Universal Law of cause and effect. My learning and understanding of this chakra has to do with the Throat Chakra and the plane of Cause and Effect.

Before we can master or use this plane of existence to create, we first must Healed the Heart Chakra, this Chakra having to do with a balance of conditional and unconditional love.

When we are born most of us work through the vibration of the three lower chakras, the Root physical body, the Sacral, Emotional Body and the Solar Plexus or rational mind. These are needed for humans to learn how to do what humans need, like walking, talking, caring, hurt, pain etc.

The Heart Chakra is the balancer between the upper and lower chakras.

The three upper chakras are the Throat chakra or (the Causal Plane), the Ajna chakra or third eye chakra (celestial Body) and the Sahasrara or Crown chakra or (The Christed body, sometimes called the God Body).

If we do not learn how to vibrate at these particular frequencies we cannot master using any of them.

Many people open their third eye before the heart therefore have the ability to see many things they do not understand but simply espouse themselves to be physics and teachers but are yet to understand the true vibrations of inner seeing.

Until people explore and learn about healing and raising their vibrations they cannot enact properly with these various planes of existence. This can take years of practice and since we live mostly in an instant gratification era, some want to the magic wand way of doing this.

Becoming integrated within all these bodies will bring you the greatest joy and gifts imaginable. Trying to use them without knowing how to vibrate with them will usually bring sadness and failure.

The chakras are part of the Kundalini. If you do not know of this you should learn about it.

In my book, “Getting to the Heart” I explain much about this and also provide exercises to implement the teaching.

Many blessings, Athene

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