Being Psychic

People are sometimes confused by what I do as a psychic. I have been doing consultations for over 30 years. I’ve helped people through divorces, family matters, death and dying, work related things and their quest for a better life. I’ve worked with people from all walks of life and around the world.

My parents used to tell me not to share with others when family members who had crossed over would come to visit me. My step father called me a child of Satan, and I could see energy around plants, animals and mountains, from the time I was two.

I left home and Country at 15 and as you could imagine had a pretty rough life.

At 28 years old I met a group of people who told and taught me that I was gifted, at thirty I began to meditate and have done so every day since. I was taught by Archangel Raphael at age 38 to go within and heal my lifetimes. I discovered what he taught me was basically called Transpersonal Hypnotherapy; went to school for it and got my Clinical certification. Later went to Mediation courses in Boulder Co.

Started reading and studying books at about 30, by the Theosophical Society, Comparative Religions including but not limited to, Buddism, Brahmism, Taoism, Hinduism, The Torah and the Bible. Will forever be a spiritual student.

Found peace and enlightenment in my late thirties early forties, married at 45 and am 68 now. I have been living my truth and teaching others to Meditate and work within Soul to the best of my ability ever since. Nothing in my life has been easy but all of it has been a blessing, I Am That I am.


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