How to understand that energy is what moves mountains.

What mountains are you trying to move in your life at this time? Maybe they are just hurdles and appear to be as big as a mountain. We are all dealing with major pattern removal at this time. We are all looking at facets of self and emotions that we have tried to change and overcome for long periods of time. When we understand that we are energy and that the pattern is an energy we are holding onto as well, we discover that it is the energy surrounding the emotion we are working on. So much is involved with this process. Not only do we have to change the way we think about our feelings but we have to change the energy about how we feel.

Our attachments to how we feel about things and people in life has been recorded in our soul and DNA for a long time. This often leads us to believe that we have no choice in how we feel about certain things. In reality we always have choice. Without the proper tools for change and re-programming, we feel frustrated with trying. Feelings have to be understood before they can be changed. Why I feel the way I do, is as important as why I want to change that feeling. Loving attachments are natural. Love of family, siblings, and children.

Love of self is rarely included in our attachments. We have been taught that loving self is selfish and narcissistic. Loving self, needs to be an inner journey, not an outer. Who am I on the inside and how that corresponds to the roles I play in life on the outside? Do they blend and harmonize or are these two always battling? Is there balance between the inner and outer life or are they separate?

If indeed we are all energy first, then physical, why do we allow our physical perceptions to trap us in a web of self-deceit? Energy by and of itself not only can, but has moved mountains for hundreds of thousands of years. If energy can change landmasses and move the waters of life so can it heal the sick and change the saddened. We must all learn to move beyond our perceptions and allow our spirit essence and energy to guide us in our clearing and cleansing work upon self. Affirmations work wonders.

I am an energy of light and love.

I am centered and balanced in the energy of light and love that I am.

As energy I move effortlessly and easily within the emotional and mental bodies of self.

I choose to be a motion in my life that moves and restores the light and love within that I am.

I consciously change the synapse within my physical body to work to change and clear all unwanted patterns within the emotional and mental bodies, as well as regenerate me.

I am a child of the Light and I choose to remember all that I am, have been and will be, from this day forward. Amen.


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