Looking to the Light



Looking to the Light

There are times when everything seems to go wrong as well as the opposite. We are currently living in a time of polarization on so many levels that finding and keeping balance is very tricky.

It is easy to say you stand in the Light and quite another to become that Light. We are all human beings first and spiritual beings second. This is due to the many pressures and struggles we each endure while living a practical life of bills and family.

While living the Life of a Spiritual Warrior it often seems we are tested regularly. Many things seem so up and down currently that without centering techniques and meditation we are missing some very important coping mechanisms.

No matter how hard we try, monetary substance is a powerful part of existence. It is easy to say “let go and trust” but easier if you have the money you need. I believe that a new balance is coming regarding the sharing of wealth among the many. I cannot yet say how this will manifest but I will say the war between the powers of life and materialism must change if we are to have a future we wish to look forward to for ourselves and children.


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