Past channeling by Athene


As we enter then millennium also known as the Golden Age of Enlightenment we discover that life has changed dramatically for you as our heralders’ of light over the past sixteen years. The indigos are now beginning to develop into the outside world and learn of the dangers and decisions they all must make to find their place among the dysfunctional energies surrounding them. Many of the indigos are feeling displaced by what is occurring around them and they are seeking to re-establish their connectors of light but often cannot find the help they need to do so.

So much of daily life is based on the need to survive that even the teachers of light that predate them have not been able to connect and establish the proper forums and schools of enlightenment for them to share within.

The present network of lightbearers must take into consideration the need for schools of opportunities for this group, as well as the crystalline children, to gather and grow. From your own personal experiences you cannot want for them to have to learn in the same manner that you did.

Many of you have been asking what work is it that the Universe wishes for you to be doing. As always we say all that all we expect of you is to anchor light daily and hold the focus for the light to transform the consciousness of the planet and her people.

Though it may seem to you that few of you are holding this focus, there are many more now then when you began your journey of light in earnest. Though it may seem that the rewards are not as fulfilling and financially flowing as you might have hoped, still the work has proceeded and is even reaching those of closed minds and religious beliefs that you never before thought possible.

The true light of the divine is emanating into the earth plane and to her inhabitants in a way never before seen by the mystics of old and is being currently being recognized in nearly all cultures.

There are great minds at play in places of higher authority and science, and all the changes that need to break through will take earthly years, but in the scope of time already passed they are happening very quickly.

You yourselves are seeing your own thought processes play out much more quickly then ever before and you are wanting to do something fulfilling and purposeful with your awareness.

Once again we wish to ask you to help us get the indigo and crystalline children to this point as well. Though the wealth and revenue are still under the influence of the dark forces of light, there will be shifts and changes taking place over the next three earth years that will begin to dispense with wasted wealth and fortune.

Yes we speak with you today to give you hope, but we also come to give you our blessing, and share with you that none of the work you have done and continue to do is wasted. Know that we are working with you every step of the way, and though you may not yet fully receive your due in the physical part of life that deals with money and revenue, its day too will come.

Still we ask you to continue to release the old belief patterns from within self that have been in place for centuries of time and we ask you to learn what true wealth and worthiness mean to self.

Coming to terms with the past in whatever way you discover works best for you is important. Forgiveness of self and others does not mean that you have like the others or for that matter even like your own behaviors. What it means is that you no longer hold onto the ties that bind you to those realties. Once the ties are broken and umbilical cords cut, a new image can be placed within you for you to work with to replace the old with.

Trusting in the Light of Life from which all spirit emanated is where your truth of light will continue to expand and grow.

As for the help need for the indigo and crystalline children.

Many of you may need to get involved in the current public school systems to help these indigo and crystalline children to find their way. Others of you may be in positions to help set up new schools of thought and teaching to help as well. Some of you, as the parents and caregivers of such children, must study and learn the fastest and best approaches to assisting such evolved beings before the outside world completely disillusions them. You as the parents and caregivers must understand that these children have come in to takeover where you leave off. Though many of you may choose to ascend the plane of physical existence after this incarnation, they will be left to carry on your heritage of light work.

You, better than any, understand what a tough journey life without awareness around you was. You better than any one can be empathic to their journey, where there were none to be empathic to yours except us. And you better than us can produce the learning environments needed for them to succeed where yours failed.

These children are project-based learners and learn better through example and hands on teaching. They are all brilliant and yet undisciplined in the human manners. They read minds and emotions easier than they do books and many have reading problems.

Discipline for them is different than simply programming them with the same old methods that your parents used. They must feel loved no matter what the discipline and they must be shown their strengths more than their considered weakness by a society of schools and teachers that have no awareness of these children’s intelligence.

We bring this message to you today because it needs to be addressed not by us but by you. Especially those of you who know how to organize and involve yourselves in such things and help. We also bring this message to you, because there are currently so many of you parenting these special children. You are concerned with whether or not they ever going to learn the basic academic skills of reading, writing, and arithmetic, and asking how they will ever make it in the outside world without these things.

Each and every one of you can teach these basic skills to them yourselves at home. Many of you have already discovered that your children will more readily and easily learn from you than teachers that are not aware of whom the child is internally. Fear not you contain all the learning and help that need for this basic training.

These children also definitely need to be taught about the world of spirit and how it effects their life. Whether they claim this teaching as their own, later in life, will be up to them not you. So as a parent you much give them the basics, the bigger picture, a foundation of love and acceptance while allowing them to develop themselves as well.

This can be tough and painstaking with all the other things you have to do but you will need to find the patience to do it.

As we have said, these children and young adults are project-based learners and need to have many projects to practice and learn with continually. They are often hypersensitive and overly emotional. They need to be allowed to develop there inner sense while developing their outer and they will always know if someone is lying to them or not. They need physical exercise but will fight not to do it as they are great thinkers and feel the physical is a waste of energy. They will not fit in well with other children and will seem to be aloof. They will feel fine about spending long periods of time alone but will want friendship.

These children seem so challenging because they were born awake and have not yet developed their right brain while already working fully within their left. Their lives will be hard, lonely and they will struggle. You will be their only foundation from which to find their bearings and discover their own purpose later on.

If this information sounds similar to who you were as a child, we mean it to. This is not coincidental. Most of you too were born Indigo and still struggle to understand why your parents were not aware enough to give you the foundation, love, hope and teaching to help you survive the outside forces of the world. Your parents were the outside forces of the world, please do not feel that is what you experienced needs to be what these children experience from you.

Would that the world known as earth could find itself to be a more loving caring environment in the upcoming millennium and that balance and harmony find their home with earth in the near future.

This message today has been twofold on our part. We wanted to share with you that we are all heralding in a great time of transformation and change that will help to align the consciousness culturally to open to the true light of love and goodness that abounds. Also we wanted to share our perception of Indigo born and their future roles as the keepers of light and new leaders and teachers of the world.

In closing we say that we are honored to be your spiritual family and that we are very pleased at the successes you have all made in your own spiritual expansive awareness as of late. Your prayers are being heard and many more of you are entering into the silence to speak directly with us, they’re own spirit family.

May the Light of The I am that I am continually surround you and be your mantra, and may you find the inner healing and integration you need to bring more balance and harmony in times upcoming.

St. Germaine, Lord Sananda and Lord Raphael


Bio. Athene Raefiel is a Teacher of Mysticism and Enlightenment. She is a Clairvoyant, a Visionary, an Author and Transformative Healer. She is honored to be a messenger of Light for the Councils of Light, Ascended Masters, and Archangels.


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