11:11 Gateway

The number 11 is one of the four Master numbers; 11, 22, 33 and 44. A Master number is powerful as it accentuates the vibration of the base number that it can be reduced to. Master numbers all have to do with vibration and frequency; the energies produced enhance individuals’ abilities within their intuition, enlightenment and cosmic consciousness.

11:11 is known to be a gateway number that allows consciousness to reach higher dimensions of thought and realities. Though there is a full moon this year much of this will occur on an unconscious level. This is why it is good to write down your thoughts and creativity to read and look at later on.

When the energies are this intense we sometimes find ourselves grappling with even the smallest of tasks. Use prayers and invocation to stay centered and realize we do not always see or know all that has changed within us till later on.

This particular number has also been known to be a gateway for beings of other planetary systems to enter this Realm of form. These beings are not unknown to us but simply forgotten or blocked out for reasons we may not yet understand.

Very big changes are on their way and many beings of Light will be attending the Realm of form as well. This is the beginning of something more awesome then can be described. Be naught afraid but embrace the changes upcoming with the true love and awe that has been missing for the past many years.

The Earth plane will once again be immersed in the loving essence from where we came.

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