Saddened by Earth Changes

I do read the world news every day and am just terrified by all the climate change disasters occurring; Fires in the Amazon, California and Australia, Cyclones in Japan and Bangladesh, so many people being displaced with the loss of home and life. The Artic is melting causing sea levels to rise and aquatic mammals and fish becoming displaced as well as the coral reefs disappearing.
I truly fear for the future of mankind. And I can usually face my fear pretty regularly but this is so big and overwhelming that I truly cannot console myself by saying I live in a different reality as I know I am a human being and there is no place to hide from these things.

I am surely not a negative being nor do I believe in being victimized yet I see no alternative to these worldwide realities without the intervention of divine Light and guidance so I pray and visualize daily a better safer environment in the future.

I have little use for or hope in Governments as they are and have created powerlessness in our friendly ecosystems and angst for the peoples they govern. I look forward to The Divine Mother entering this dimension we call human life and hope that she brings with her a semblance of hope and understanding to offset the complete destruction of our Earth Planet.

The four elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water need our loving help to find a new balance and course.

Acknowledge them each day by calling them forward. I am Earth, I am Air, I fire, and I am water.

I am the sustenance and beauty of life, I am that I am, I am that I am I am that I am.

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