Truth to know

I met the Archangels Michael, Raphael, Gabriel and Uriel around 1986. When I say I met them I mean they actually came to visit me and introduce themselves. I also received a personal visit from Lord Meytreya and his entourage.

Lord Sananda and Lord Ashtar also spent a great deal of time working with me, assisting me in overcoming a very troubled past and helping me remember soul memories that needed repair.

I also began Channeling the Arcturians who told me and others at my channelings about the massive earth changes we have been experiencing since that time as well as warning us to be careful as there were a variety of ET’s that were dangerous and not here for purposes of light or goodness. I find this to be valuable information as there are wars among interplanetary beings just as we have here on Earth.

Do not be so gullible as to believe all Extraterrestrials are here to assist humankind. There are many races of them that simply want to control the minds of Earthlings; as many who have family here from long time past.

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