Third Eye

When we choose to open our third eye and establish the connection between the conscious, subconscious and unconscious mind; sacred geometries flow throughout our brain like wheels of attachment providing its operation. To look at and concentrate on geometric patterns is using the keys that unlock secret passageways into the brain.

At each chakra center in the body is a gland. The brain contains both the pituitary and pineal glands. Unlocking the connection of flow through our glandular structure is how we open up and explore our chakra bodies and their energy fields. The energy emanated through these centers is called the Auric Field. In the Eastern Teachings of flow; activation of the chakra centers and kundilini, are necessary to access, change, and use this powerful life force that we each emanate.

Color and sound play an important role in this activation as color and sound can merge to emanate feeling centers of light.

Putting a certain color of light bulb in a lamp and using this one color with a well-chosen music CD of perhaps nature sounds, activates the mind in ways that we never imagined. Letting ourselves feel color and light as well as feel musical rhythm can help us reach altered states of consciousness quite easily.

The third eye is the easiest chakra to open and can be done with feeling, sound and concentration. When the third opens, it opens into the brain, not out of the brain. When activated it automatically sets off a natural energetic operation that establishes itself through all your other chakra centers.

Using Mandalas with geometries drawn within them is a fantastic concentration tool for opening the third eye; just as sitting in a field of one color at a time is very useful in feeling the color and identifying how you too are that color.

Since you are energy, so is all surrounding life energy. It is through the vibrations of energy that we identify how we connect and feel about ourselves and life.

Everyone experiences the vibrations of energy around them but few acknowledge its value. Most simply shrug it off. These vibrations and frequencies are the language of physical, emotional, mental, etheric, and astral, as well as soul and spirit essence. The more attuned we become to them, the more information they reveal and the better equipped we are to experience life as living instead of simple existence.

This sensitivity is within everyone and everything, awakening self to this fact is a tremendous activation that changes perspective as well as perception. Try it, you might just like it.

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