Love and Light

We have been under tremendous pressure to make our money work for us. Though they say the economy is good I believe that is not happening for the lower middle class nor the poor.

The daily cost of living is very high and no matter what there are always added bills that are unexpected. It is hard to center pray and meditate under such circumstances for many.

Kindness and understanding are not simply words but also actions. Hope must be real and not simply a commodity. No matter what the planetary energies we must stay strong in our awareness and light. Being kind to self and others is important to keep our world from crashing down around us.

Time is something we must take and make if we are to have any balance at all.

The rate of suicides in school children is unacceptable and we must focus more on them as the future hope in living.

Depression is at a high rate and it is not about medicine but root causes and changes in our programming.

Taking 5 to 10 minutes a day to send love and light out to the world should not be a problem, but important to each and everyone of us.

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