The Struggles of Mental Illness

To begin with it is important to understand that there is no such thing as one kind of mental illness. I tell you this so you will never decide that everyone has the same kind. The biggest problem with the illnesses is that no one really understands the illness unless they themselves experience it.

Psychiatrists are a mess when it comes to addressing the struggles of the individual and too often throw a variety of medications at the symptoms hoping for a certain result that rarely comes if ever. No one wants to be so medicated that they feel as if they are hardly present anymore. Medications only work when the person taking them gets better.

I believe we are all insane, I just happen to like my insanity better than yours. I say this believing that insanity and mental illness is not necessarily the same thing.

I feel that humans are in a cycle of insanity that must see its course through. Many human beings are leaving this world in the direst of situations only to return more confused than when they left.

The Law of Karma says we must face and heal our past and its addictions. We can just as easily become addicted to mental illness as we can with the use of drugs to help it.

Self-medicating is generally a symptom of mental illness. For most this is a method of feeling different and even better about themselves. Some refer to this as escapism; I find it to simply be other aspects of life and living it. Most people are striving to feel good about themselves and their lives. Not being taught since childhood how to be with themselves they seek answers through drugs for different feelings to emerge.

We come into this world with certain predisposed conditions that are generally helped through our relatives and environments. Ever noticed how two siblings coming from the same environment can be so different from one another? Ever wondered why? Both received the same love and understanding as the other, yet one thrives and one choses addiction?

Telling ourselves that there is a rhyme or reason in life simply due to childhood is a bunch of hoohey.

Each soul must navigate its own path of learning and lessons in each lifetime. Thinking otherwise is simply folly. Even when people live in a dream world that allows them to silence their inner selves and truths must eventually face the soul lessons it has brought forth. To be truly free in life is to understand who and what you are. No one medication can heal this for you.

The scientific community is considering micro-dosing with LSD to help expand the mind and help adjust the feeling self. I hope they will do just that. Expanding one’s mind and perceptions are needed to learn new coping skills and to finding happiness.

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