The age of Aquarius

We enter the age of Aquarius, December 21st, 2020.

It is imperative that you cleanse and clear all of the energies that no longer serve you and the Universe.

By coming to terms with your past you will be able to forgive and love more readily.

Forgive yourself for being a human with all the emotions you’ve had to learn about and deal with.

You are a direct emanation of the Holy Divine within each and everyone of us.


You are a child of the Universe.

You are wonderful.

Each day when you awaken a beautiful essence is emanated by your being.

You touch the hearts and minds of all those you come in contact with.

You are a flower in a garden of seeds and are developing more color and uniqueness as you grow.


You are an inspiration for others to have vision.

You are the divine and you are light.

Be all that you are each and every moment you breathe.

Be true to yourself and honor the life that you lead.


” Know Thyself.”

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