December Energies

I have been experiencing the cosmic energies as they shift and turn, wow what a ride.

Staying focused daily is a bit challenging (to say the least); of course I am an extreme sensitive.

This energy is a bit obsessive as well as intuitive. Much information of the Divine Hierarchy is continually being downloaded into the Unconscious and subconscious mind as we go about our daily business.

The Month of December will be quite challenging for all of us; some more than others depending on your birth chart and planet placement. You can put it off as being the Christmas month but it will be much more than that.

Entering the Aquarian Age presents major shifts in consciousness along with physical challenges. Business as usual will not survive these shifts. Take care of your body and your mind to assist you during the upcoming Months of December and January 2020 and 2021.

Be blessed my friends and walk in love and light.


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