Standing up for oneself

Standing up for yourself.

Standing up for oneself can be very difficult the more aware and compassionate you become. You have gained great understanding and love, so you want to give everyone the benefit of the doubt. In so doing others often feel that you are easily manipulated and try to take advantage of you.

I try really hard to find common ground and am even willing to agree to disagree, yet sometimes you simply reach the end of your rope. I especially find this to be true with family members.

When simply saying no is not enough we sometimes must distance ourselves from those we love most. This can be painful and sad but necessary for our own truth and sanity.

The outside world has become a rather cold and dangerous place to reside currently. People anger too quickly and can take it to a place of life or death in an instant. Moderation and Mediation no longer seem to be the patient ways of dealing with disagreements; it feels like an all-in or all out situation anymore, with little or no middle ground. I find this to be sad.

I know many great things are occurring right now and that there are a great many intelligent, open minded souls working hard to make our life a better place, and I also so know many have and are advancing in the face of climate change. These things I stand with in appreciation, love and optimistic joy. I still believe that love can heal in wondrous ways, so I shall continue to love myself in the hopes it will rub off on others.

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