Shifting into new energies

The next three months promise to bring changes into our realm of being that is unprecedented. Through my spiritual teachings and studies I have found that many times we need to be open to the newness of life.

Many of us older souls are awaiting this grand change to illuminate more souls before this year of 2020 ends. It is a past due awakening and many of us thought this would happen in 1999. These powerful energies at years end will truly bump up and change the entire face of this planet. We need this.

Mother Earth has been crying out for help with strong vibrations dating back to 1986. The Divine Mother being here now will challenge the hatred and anger of disgruntled souls while changing the face of destructive energies that have brought about chaos on a world scale.

Power changes will be happening worldwide as we gladly watch love and kindness replace that of pain and ugliness. It is past due and we all need to check our egos at the door and open to the true love and compassion within.

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I am honored to be alive and participating in the upcoming shifts bringing light to overcome the darkness that lies within souls.

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