human and spiritual self

Being Human and being Spiritual is a balancing act that takes practice and perseverance. In our spiritual beingness we are content and all knowing, in our human beingness we are impatient and insecure.

We use our spiritual awareness to soothe the fears of the human self; we use the human self to experience the spiritual self.

Often it may seem that these two selves are at very different ends of the spectrum, like the Yin Yang. Indeed if we taste life in one way, we should balance it and taste it the other way as well.

Both are parts of consciousness, both are what make us who we are.

Humans need to become flexible and open to new opportunities and visions of the future. The dream is the most important part of living, not because of the outcome but because of the journey made to attain it. When the dream is for the Highest and Best good of all and everything, then the journey shall most positively be divinely guided, no matter what the outcome.





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