Do you believe in reincarnation?

What would be the point in simply living one life or lifetime? With everything we learn and still need to learn, why would we think we would have only this one opportunity to learn all there is to learn? All things in life seem to come as lessons and knowledge; awareness and realization. We are forever discovering ourselves and the realities of life, this is our nature.

All things we learn in life are through repetition. Just as we learned to read and write so it is with life lessons. The more repetitive something becomes the easier it should be to comprehend, but I look at wars and destruction and wonder why we have not yet learned they bring no positive results.

I also wonder why we have so many different religions yet most have the very same premise. How many centuries have we studied history only to keep repeating the same scenarios when we have so many lifetimes to learn to change ourselves? This is very confusing as if we still cannot write any letter correctly like ABC after practicing doing it over and over again.

To me we are odd creatures who have all the information and intelligence imaginable yet continuing the same self-sabotage practices over and over again?

Even with reincarnation and so many opportunities to learn we still choose to use ignorance over awareness.

We all have access to soul awareness and understanding this needs to become our primary mission in each lifetime to expand our consciousness and live lives filled with compassion, love and understanding.



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