Radical Shifts

I feel the radical shifts currently happening and it brings shivers to my body. Society as we know it no longer seems to align with hope and goodness. To much fear and anger pervade the masses. This cannot be good. I speak with the Angels on a regular basis so I am asking them to speak now on how we can survive this negative surge and still find hope.

Raphael please help.

The world is at a phase and stage of development brought about by the need for transition and transformation. What you are feeling is a symptom of the sickness that has developed through the wrong use of will and shall continue until the many change their minds about following the laws of God, Goddess All that is. It simply makes sense that there are better and different ways of handling Global Warfare and many countries and their governing bodies simply do not care.

The need for wealth and riches has and is sabotaging the world and its peoples. The more people that are in need of even basic services such as food and shelter are letting their souls die and have quit believing in much of anything including sanity. It is indeed an hour of darkness for earth so long as mankind continues to create and sell weaponry as well as kill one another. This is not what creation is about.

The more soulless beings of earth become the more they are simply the walking dead. We have no power over mankind’s free will is was a gift from the creators to mankind. We had hoped this gift would be appreciated and used for its highest purpose, but we did not expect people to use it to control and hurt others. We are not beings of expectations and perhaps we should have been but being of unconditional love we always see the hope and best in everything. Our message to you is do not lose your soul, this is the only vehicle you have to return to your home of origin.

Just as you pray so too do we for you. Know you are blessed and continue to do the work of soul to help mankind.

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