Moon Landings

Have you noticed every month that the full moons seem to be getting harder to go through? They are particularly hard on the mentally ill, poor and people of addiction. It is so hard to help these people because even they do not know what they are experiencing.

People of sensitivity such as myself are feeling more and more hypersensitive energy and the great sadness of the worlds many people. People without enough food or shelter are crying out for some compassion and understanding.

People don’t just leave their homes and travel thousands of miles to find new homes and safety unless they feel completely destitute and helpless to find help or hope. I blame much of this on the Governing bodies of the world. On a global scale it seems that we could all be helping one another, yet without the continuation of diplomacy I do not see how this will ever happen. Of course no country wants to be overrun or overwhelmed by refugees, yet it is a global problem that needs to be addressed as such.

I am watching the elections in the country and am dismayed to discover the amount of voter suppression that is now and has been going on. Call me naive but I thought we lived in a Country of freedoms and laws, but in the past several years I have leaned of all the corruption playing out within our own Government. I am not a party player but I truly am disgusted by leaders so separated as to have helped draw such divisions as we now face as a nation.

It makes me feel like foreigner in my homeland.

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