Question to the Universe

In 1999 I had a vision of the parallel Universe merging with our Universe. The words I heard at the time were that we were entering “The Ring Pass Not”. I would like you to expand on this for those seeking to find the answers in their spiritual journey.

Certainly we would love to assist.

The “Ring Pass Not “, has to do with the Karma and limitations individuals have put upon themselves. In order for them to reach their higher self, they must overcome the lower personality and break free of old belief structures that hold them in ignorance. This will be an arduous task that could take decade’s even lifetimes.

Enlightenment and evolution take time in the physical plane, as time has its own power in that plane.

Being subject to time means that who so ever chooses to accelerate their own growth can do so by understanding their personal power in various levels of consciousness. Most individuals choose to slowly evolve and the changes already in their lives cause them to fear making more radical changes themselves. (Individually)

As a collective whole of mass consciousness upon Earth many things must change to bring about peace and love on a large scale; beginning with Governments and Religions. These institutions have their basis in a belief that must open up to new and innovative ideas. This will be challenging.

Foundations are strong and to tell people they need to change or expand their foundation is pretty frightening and intense. We as the Universe of love will be assisting, yet without an open mind and heart, many will choose to stay stuck.

Time must become your friend and you must move yourself into different dimension of thought and progress. One person of light, love and understanding, emanates so much beauty in the world off setting many people who hold themselves in negativity.

We know that that it will take many disasters upon the Earth to bring people to a meeting of the minds and we wish this could be different. Humans as well as the puppet masters they serve are the only ones that can change minds.

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