2018 Eclipse energies

Things to be aware of during these Eclipse energies.

Weather patterns will be massive globally.                  

Things will seem magnified and problems can become much bigger than they are.

Depression; those who are struggling usually do worse during these energies.

Be aware of your thoughts and replace of re-adjust them; remember your thoughts create energy and can boomerang on you.

Compliment others often; this will help offset nasty moods and communications.

Do affirmations; I am happy. I am fulfilled. I am a star light in the sky.

I deserve and I choose are good to start any affirmations you desire.

Find your own God, Goddess, All that is and stay focused on the truth within you.

Realize tempers are flaring for no reason at all.

Know that in a few weeks it will settle down.

Help your children understand what they are feeling and experiencing.

Take time to rejuvenate and put off any new plans for a bit.

Remember everybody feels the energy whether they know it or not.

Be kind to others and yourself.

Pray often and invoke the names of the highest and holiest beings you know.

Light a candle.

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