What a time of massive transformation and transition.

December 12th, 2019, Full moon in Gemini with ruling planet being Mercury is also the sign of the twins. Mercury will be working to impact and change old outdated beliefs. Many older beliefs must change in order for truth to outweigh deceit. We are seeing some of that currently with Governments worldwide. This sign also has to do with the nervous system, as well as hands, Lungs, shoulders and arms. Take good care of your health.

You may feel like a stranger in your own skin for a while and this may make you feel like you need more rest than usual. What you have declared to be usual begins to shift and turn.

This month’s powerful transits being a conjunction of Saturn, Pluto and Venus all in Capricorn, will be very challenging to Capricorn birth signs. It will also be impacting everyone else in their charts making people feel as if they are up and down and sideways. Stay as objective as possible as this conjunction can cause some explosive arguments where things that are said will not be forgotten or forgiven easily.

The portals being open this month are amazing to say the least, as the Divine Consciousness expands allowing our Divine Teachers to enter and assist the planet, we will also find ourselves exploring new dimensions of consciousness individually.

These kids of powerful energies also bring unexpected deaths and other unexpected things such as pregnancy, and relationship break ups. Be aware of how you are communicating and take nothing for granted right now.

I will write more soon on the energies of the Winter Solstice, December 21st and the Solar eclipse on December 25th, 2019 and the Lunar Eclipse January 10th 2020. The divine mother makes her entrance.

Blessings of Love, Athene





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