Manifesting our Heart’s Desire

By: John Pollack, 2005
Thank you Father and Mother God, and a loving universe and a loving Mother Earth for all the blessings that are always being bestowed upon us.

Thank you for assisting us to glimpse the wonder and sharing of our unlimited support and ever widening expressions of love in all creation.

We are thankful for the sharing of Love and Light flowing through us all. We are also thankful for helping us to see the beauty, light and joy of God in all of creation; and to see the Light burning brightly within all of us.

We are thankful for helping us to lift up our awareness of others and of ourselves. Through recognition of our own truth and purpose, and our alignment with God we raise our sense of oneness with all creation.

We celebrate our expression and opportunity to grow in understanding and also the mutual sharing of joy and appreciation for unlimited expression and ever expanding truth.

In a place of innocence and alignment with God, all that is required is simple desire.

Angels Grace Healing Ministry,
Copyright 4/05

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