Evoloution in the World

Evolution in the World

By Athene Raefiel
July has come and gone and we are half way through August 2007. We have had the Perseids Meteor showers July 7, 8. 9, and are now moving toward the Lunar Eclipse in Pisces August 28, 2007 followed two weeks later by a Solar Eclipse in Virgo September 11th, 2007.

With the energies being as intense as they have been and all the flux that has been going on, this will not be a time of calm emotions or stability for the many nor for the individual. As emotions run high we also see the affect in the wars that are raging round the world. It is time to take note of how the emotional presence of humans is affecting the environment and her many species as well.

Recently we have seen a Volcano Erupt in Alaska, Floods in much of India and Texas well as other parts of the world, and two underground Earthquakes both 25 miles under ground creating the threat of Sunamis as well as killing people in Peru and destroying regions. We have had a heat so high in many parts of the world that wild fires are raging as well as many deaths from heat and drought.

We know depression is on the rise as is post traumatic stress disorder and we are still at the beginning of a cycle that has only begun to unleash these types of illnesses and earth movements on a very grand scale.

About 20 years ago I channeled beings from places like Sirius, the Pleadies, and the Ascended Masters who told us all that these events were coming. We were told that food would be in great shortage throughout the world as well as many Cataclysmic Events that would cause despair and sadness throughout the world. We were told of power outages and the need to keep ourselves set up with food and water storage as well as lanterns and heating elements other than electricity. We were told that there would be wars and famine as that the water shore lines would be rising causing many people to be displaced from their homes.

We were also told that all of this could have been changed if everyone at that time took action to make the changes necessary to avoid these things occurring, and that doing so would require the co-operation of world governments as well as those of great vision and stature.

We were told about the stock markets crashing and fluctuating and how the world markets would all suffer. We were told that unless humankind decided to live once again in harmony with the Earth, that this planet had her own Consciousness and would eventually shake us off like fleas, if need be, to survive us.

When I say we were told I wish to clarify. This information was given through thousands of channels all over the world. It was not limited in scope and was not directed to any one particular sect of society or the world.

When information comes to the channels of light here in the Earth plane they generally all receive the same information at about relatively the same time.

They did not give us this information to scare us but to prepare us for what was coming. Though many of us stored food and water as well as set up bunkers and remote places to move if need be, we were not aware these events were still 12 to 16 years away, so after 5 or so years, we thought perhaps we did not need to continue with such a practice of storing food, water, etc.

We were also told at that time to set up centers for learning and to know that eventually people would need to live community based lives once again in order to work together and in harmony with the Earth. Many in the groups that I knew, were really getting in touch with Earth Mother at that time and hearing her pleas for help. We were also connecting in with how we were spirit and all life was one and we were beginning to get involved with working with our spirit guides.

A few years before I began channeling there were others that were bringing in magnificent information and helping everyone to open up to new levels of consciousness. Seth through Jane Roberts, Ramtha through J.Z. Knight, and Lazarus to name a few I remember, I had been reading books written 100 years earlier by members of Theosophical Society as well as studying the origins of Religions.

It seems to me that as time travels forward, there are very distinct places that take place cyclically that bring about evidence of new awareness and consciousness movement for the many in each soul group. It seems that for me, and most of the others I was introduced to at that time of the 1987 Harmonic convergence, that we all began to open up to the awareness of how we were soul and spirit.

I discovered that collective stellar energies, such as the Harmonic Convergence and Concordance are planetary configurations that create distinct pathways into dimensional frequencies. These frequencies become the catalyst energy that can trigger many individuals on a soul level and awaken them to more eternal self-realization. This being true, we are currently in the throes of a massive frequency and planetary influx that is again creating such circumstances.

The best way I can explain what I see happening is to tell you to envision a circle and see that as one cycle of time. Now within the circle I would like for you to envision many small circles and know that they are smaller cycles of time. We will now call this the Karmic Wheel of time.

Now since the large circle represents your eternal soul and the smaller circles represent the cycles of transformation that you go through in order to understand your eternal soul, then we see that each cycle must be experienced while still moving within the greater or eternal cycle.

When we become aware of the fact that we are moving through the eternal cycle of soul, then we move to address the challenges and lessons of the various realms of consciousness and existence though which we play our drama of living. Once all of the small circles have been addressed and integrated we then find that there is a matrix within the larger scope of our eternal soul which leads us to another larger circle and cycles of growth and learning beyond this one.

I call this Spiritual Evolution. We know that everything ultimately evolves, therefore the only question left in the mystery of evolution is how one chooses to go about it and how one perceives the actions and reactions that it comes upon while doing so. This exact process is also true of the planet, the Solar System, The Universe and so on.

So now, how does this all tie into the Channelings that came through 20 years ago? Well lets see now, how the world and her peoples as a whole have created the exact reaction from the Earth and their surroundings that they are currently experiencing? Given forewarning and opportunity to change not only history but also the fate of the Earth herself they failed miserably. This occurred simply due to the fact that even though people of means, stature and power were all also informed of upcoming events, the money and greed have, and do possess, seemingly even the most righteous and well meaning of people.

In America we have gone beyond all realm of common sense and instead only see what the almighty technological world provides for us. We believe that time can best be spent through survival, entertainment and thoughts of how to increase our income and wealth. America has and does try to bring this capitalist way of thinking and life to the rest of the world under the guise of freedom and Democracy. Because this is a rouse and also meant to harm others, there are wars being fought with America at this time.

America has plenty of it’s own resources to care for itself and all of its population. So why go elsewhere to trade and share? Because, Big Business, Money and Government are what America is currently basing its future upon.

America can only be a land of opportunity for all, when we learn once again to honor the land and the wonderful resources it brings to us.

So now even in America, even for the many spiritual beings and lightworkers, we are hampered by the money factor in our daily lives so that we do not reach a potential of being a threat to the system or structure that rules this society and wishes to rule the rest of the world as well. I am sure this how many in other countries view America as well, and that is why they hate us.

How can we ever work together as a world community when we are so divided over basic ethics and morale values?

Do the higher realms really think or expect us ever to really all work together as a community of beings set for the highest and best good of the planet as well as one another? Could such a dream ever occur in the current climate of consciousness, governments, human vulnerability and rage?

I know only this; and that is, that in other dimensional frequencies, realities do exist that contain harmony and bliss. They are not imaginary places but actual parallel Universes, one of which I believe merged with our Universe here in 1999.

If you read or study about Astronomy you will discover that many new Galaxies, planets and Star formations have been discovered since that time by astronomers, and that they have been truly amazed and awed by these new discoveries.

Also all the information coming forth from science currently involving global warming and greenhouse gases is undeniably true.

Predictions for the future only serve a purpose if they are going to help people to get up and change the current circumstances. So rather then worrying about the future we need to make changes today that create a different future for tomorrow. We all have the ability to create new realities for not just ourselves but the worlds around us as well. We are the God’s and Goddesses that were placed here to bring about new realities and show others that they can also do the same.

Each cycle that one of us accomplishes helps to put another in a position to then fill that spot and also accomplish the feats necessary to evolve to a greater height. Earth Mother and the Entire Solar system are going through an evolutionary process at this time. This could not be happening without throwing everything and everyone upon the planet within one as well.

This will be a key year for change and power. We must all know whom we are and how to stand in our power and free ourselves from the program and conditions of the past. This year will be the true test for many to truly discover what they value most in life. We cannot be afraid, we must stand strong.

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