Let Go a Little

Are you finding it hard to stay centered and on task in this energy? Just want to throw caution to the wind and have a good time for a while? Then perhaps you need to do that!

We too often take life and ourselves too seriously; at times we even make playing a chore. Relaxation is not a state of doing nothing. Relaxation is a state of truly enjoying whatever you are doing, including nothing.

I know very few people who can truly enjoy the moment and allow it to be all that they need or want. There is no trick involved with this, just good old fashioned know how. Remember when you were young and whatever you were doing at that exact moment was all that you needed to be doing? Well try being that way again and see if you like it. We all get in a hurry for tomorrow and forget to live today.

In the Zen teachings, the key of a joyous tomorrow is the fulfillment of the life we live today. When we get ahead of ourselves we do nothing but try to catch up. When we are stuck in the past we don’t even relate to the present, we are always separate. When we experience the moment, we live presently and without worry, or concern. This inner peace experience is worth all the time in the world. There is nothing for you to do in your life but live each moment fully.

Survival is a fact of third dimensional reality that we have already accepted and integrated into our daily living. Do not let it determine who you are or how to define yourself. Be true only to the center of love and light that you are. Be the child of light you were designed to be, and trust that, that is all there truly is. Enlightenment, love, and playfulness, these are the experiences you need in the moment. Become one with them.

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