Be Strong

There is a great sadness and fear pervading the peoples of the planet, at this time, as there are fires, hurricanes and  presidential elections.  All balance is being put to the test. This is a ploy to make people believe there is no hope. If history repeats itself and innocent people die, the economy is bad, and survival becomes paramount, the poor get poorer and the rich get richer. That has been the flow of the masses for centuries now.


If this is to change, it can only be brought about by the energies of peoples such as you and I changing, and holding a new balance, a new harmonious perception, no matter what the inconvenience. And for sure, we will be inconvenienced.

If we feed the negative energies of fear and hate they will become stronger and swallow us up as well as our loved ones.


Be strong! Be strong for all of those that cannot! Hold the force of love and light! Bring spirit into our plane and let them work with us to hold the force of truth and humanitarianism. Do prayers and Invocations as well as lighting candles.


Say daily, “I am that I am, I am that I am, I am that I am.

Saying this is your spirit acknowledging that You are God, Goddess All that Is.

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