Inner Child

We are multi-aspected beings. What this means is that we are always an adult as well as a child, a teacher, a student, a spirit, a soul, a body and so on.  If we were stunted emotionally by childhood experiences, we find ourselves re-living those experiences continually throughout life. Most families are comprised of adults whose reality is an,” accepted fear for survival”. When raised in such an environment children experience a life filled with fear and attachment as a way of surviving.

When a person is brought up in an environment of denial and pain, they stuff their child-like emotions into the deep inner recesses of their being. These things often happen at very early ages and stages of life without us ever even knowing it took place.

Freeing these repressed child-like emotions is key to the soul’s journey. As it says in the Bible, “Ye may not enter into the Kingdom of My Father lest ye come as a child”, refers to this emotional internal freedom. This child within us is our unconditional loving part.  Like a child who has been abandoned by a parent, the child within anxiously awaits our return.

Because the child within has been damaged through its life experiences involving family and environment, our first memories and responses to it may be painful. Emotions of anger, resentment, hurt, even rage, can be covering the deep love within.

Sometimes when these emotions re-surface the instinct to re-stuff the child within may be strong, yet the child within holds the key to emotional freedom.  All the pain that has been held inside must be released. Once you have reintroduced yourself to your child within, the true healing of self can begin.

For all of us, the child within is at the heart things.   It represents our unconditional understanding and inner divinity.   Healing and opening ourselves to learn as a child again, allows us to use the wisdom and experience gained by becoming an adult. Our child within assists us in a process of learning anew.  We can now parent our child within , by sharing, nurturing, loving and accepting him/her. By establishing a new way of development for our inner child, we can create a new bond of trust and hope for the future.

As you get to know your child within, you may begin to realize just how fragmented you have become.  You will discover that your child within has many aspects to be explored. Your inner child may even be a child guide and companion helping you on your path of discovery.

As you begin allowing the child within to be your guide, while discovering additional child like emotions buried inside, you discover whole other parts of the emotional body you have suppressed.  These emotions represent distinct stages of growth and development in life when emotional development was stunted.

We discover that we become emotionally stuck, because as children we do not have the tools to understand and resolve our dilemmas. As long as the child within is imprisoned, we will continue to face the same emotional dilemmas in life as we have in the past.

Freeing and healing the child within allows us to change and understand others and ourselves emotionally.  The consciousness of the emotional body is connected through our sacral chakra. Through the cleansing and healing of our emotional body, we elevate our emotional vibrations to a heart-felt energy level and transmute the pain of the past. We reinstate the child within to our heart chakra where it can grow and dwell in a place of joy and peace.


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