I don’t get it.

Brrrr it has been rather cold here lately. Always makes me worry more about the homeless people and how they are staying warm. My husband says I worry too much about things that are out of my control. Yes I guess that could be right, but nonetheless I do concern myself with these things.

The Caravan coming to the US and how we have the military putting up barbed wire to stop them; we should have FEMA at the border crossings they will be coming to. Yes this is a National disaster and I thought that was how we responded to such.

People of Yemen starving to death as well as other countries peoples. I don’t get it. How can I sit in my nice warm house with plenty of food and not care about starvation? The massive amount of homelessness in this country as well as others; so many people and children displaced? How do we ignore such things and get on with our happy lives?

I am a spiritual being who believes in balance and harmony of some sort, but I am hard pressed to find it in our culture as human beings. I don’t get it.

Caring and kindness are inexpensive items that we should all have more of. I believe we can do better to help mankind and this planet.

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